Carbonado 1.2.3 API

Basic API 
Package Description
Main user-level interfaces, classes, and annotations for Carbonado.
Contains annotations and implementations for supporting property adapters.
Contains annotations and implementations for supporting property constraints.
Advanced API 
Package Description
Common capabilities for repositories.
Support for advanced processing of cursor results, including basic set theory operations.
Contains classes for representing query filters.
Introspection support for Storables.
Support for recording the evolution of a storable's layout, used internally by some repositories.
Support for LOB property types, which are Large OBjects.
Support for generating sequences of values, intended for creating surrogate keys.
Standard Repositories 
Package Description
Repository implementation that connects to an external SQL database via JDBC.
Repository implementation which logs activity against it.
Volatile repository implementation backed by a concurrent map.
Repository implementation that supports replication between two repositories.
Repository implementation backed by a Sleepycat (BDB, Berkeley) database.
Service Provider Interface 
Package Description
Storable code generation support intended for use by repository implementations.
Support for implementing a Query Engine.
Provides support for repositories that encode/decode storables in a raw binary format.
Repository implementation that adds index support for repositories that have little or no index support.
Service Provider Interface for Carbonado.
Support for dynamic creation of storables, intended for internal use by repository implementations.
Provides support for managing transactions.
Generic Utilities 
Package Description
Utilities used by Carbonado but which have no dependencies on Carbonado.

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